Enabling Reinvention

Happy Independence Day! 

By Robert Wood, Senior Social Media Advisor – The Prison Scholar Fund

As we Celebrate the Independence and sovereignty of this great Nation, flawed though it may be, let’s not forget to also celebrate independence of thoughts and actions which make this nation’s ideology the greatest in the history of humankind. We must seek to live up to that ideology which is summed up in a single word – independence. We must respect the lawful independence of thought that every American is supposed to be afforded from freedoms of religion and other ideologies to the freedom to express our disagreements with others including those in government, business, and other areas that affect all of our lives. From the very first person to shed blood and sacrifice their life in the revolutionary war, an African American by the name of Crispus Attucks, to the countless military personnel, first responders, and other that have died or been severely injured in service of this nation, it is that very same independence they fight to protect. May we always sustain that independent spirit America was founded on. Remember, that is what’s supposed to unite us all regardless of religion, politics, or any other points of contention. Our diversity is amongst our biggest strengths.  Happy Independence Day again. And please, never forget the sacrifices individual Americans of every race, religion, and political ideology have made to sustain that independence. We must never give up our independence for any reason. Please ponder the real meaning of indepence and what it has to mean to us all.


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