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University of Washington

We are working with the University of Washington to open access to its Integrated Social Sciences online degree program for inmates across the nation, starting here in Washington.

Synthesizing information from different disciplines, collaborating across cultures and communicating effectively – these are all crucial skills in our fast-changing, globalized world. And they’re among the skills students build as they complete their degree in the Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Social Sciences program at the University of Washington.

Studies show that earning a college degree is one of the best ways to ensure long-term career growth and success, as well as increase personal fulfillment. In the Integrated Social Sciences degree program, students have the chance to explore connections across a range of topics in the social sciences while tailoring their education to personal strengths and interests.

In its 2015 rankings, U.S. News & World Report rated the University of Washington 16th among national public universities in the United States. And in a recent global evaluation, the UW placed 6th in the world in the social sciences based on the overall impact of faculty research. The ISS program also costs less than many other social science degree programs.


Students learn full-stack development in partnership with Code Fellows. Programming experts lead classes at the institution where students learn front-end web and mobile development. At Code Fellows, students will benefit from diverse training methods that include tech talks, pair programming, lectures, and solo project work with extensive access to instructors and teaching assistants.

Classes start with the one-day Code 101 course in which prospective students explore the world of software development and build a website. Code 201, 301, and 401 topics include Foundations of Software Development, HTML5, CSS3, introductory data structures and algorithms, Document Object Model (DOM) manipulation and traversal, MVC, SQL, AJAX, and Advanced Software Development in Full-Stack JavaScript, iOS, Python.


At Microsoft, giving is ingrained in its culture, and as Microsoft employees will tell you, one of the most rewarding — not to mention fun — aspects of their jobs. The PSF has been fortunate to benefit from a number of extremely talented and passionate volunteers.

When Microsoft’s giving program began in 1983, approximately 200 Microsoft employees raised $17,000 for nonprofits.

In 2015, Microsoft employees raised a record-breaking $125 million for more than 18,000 nonprofits and schools across the globe. Participation rates hit an all-time high, at 71 percent, as Microsoft employees donated more time, talent and money to help address the local and global causes they care about most.

Microsoft matches employee nonprofit donations and volunteering year round up to $15,000 per employee. We’re


We’re thrilled to partner with Google’s incredibly talented employees,
because the world is ours to change. Google is here to help.
When you aim to solve big problems, you need to have the right tools to be successful. With Google for Nonprofits, we’re be able to fundraise more easily, collaborate more efficiently, and share our story with a wider audience.

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We’re happy to work with Altruist, the trusted partner and proven accelerator for ambitious nonprofits and social enterprises. Altruist’s integrated suite of planning, finance, and execution strategies and tools has helped us create an executable road map to achieve and sustain dramatic increases in performance, revenue and impact.


Taylor Rosty is a mission-minded marketing consultant, working with mission-driven for-profit and non-profit organizations to help them tell their stories more effectively. She offers a variety of marketing and branding services, including marketing budget creation, copywriting, brand strategy, and more. She has worked with the Prison Scholar Fund on the redesign of their website, as well as consulted on general marketing strategy.